About us

The history

The eLearning Academy "happened" to the two founders in 2016. Prof. (FH) Dr. Silvia Ettl-Huber and Prof. (FH) Dr. Michael Roither are actually two busy professors at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. Both had previously worked for many years in in-service training at the Austrian Danube University in Krems and both were still skeptics of distance learning at the time.

In the case of a blended learning study, based on study letters, however, they made an interesting observation. On average, students who came from the higher proportion of distance learning, were a bit better than the students in attendance at their final exams. That's what made them think. It suddenly seemed logical to them that a consistently expanded, updated and multimedia-based study content would guarantee consistent teaching quality. Above all, distance studies offer a round bundle of subjects, in which no topic is neglected.

And because where there is a thought, a way is soon found, the Austrian Institute of Management at the FH Burgenland opened up the possibility of pursuing this idea to the end and building up a course of study based entirely on distance learning. Enriched with the secret ingredients, which the founders bring along from decades of experience in part-time education and training.