The Austrian University of Applied Sciences Burgenland is the supporting institution for the Master's programmes offered by the eLearning Academy (eLAC). A medium-sized to large university of applied sciences (UAS) on the edge of the well-known Lake Neusiedl near Vienna. 70 % of the attendance courses at the UAS Burgenland are part-time with a high proportion of online courses. Online teaching is thus anchored in the DNA of the UAS Burgenland and has been expanded into complete online teaching offerings in the subsidiary Austrian Institute of Management (AIM). The eLAC is the operative leader of courses in communication, marketing and media. True to our long name: eLearning Academy for Communication.

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The eLAC has close institutional ties with the Austrian Institute of Management (AIM) of the FH Burgenland. The AIM specialises in online, practice-oriented and part-time academic continuing education and has almost 2,000 active students. The AIM is located in the immediate vicinity of the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Burgenland on the Eisenstadt campus. It is responsible for the quality control of the courses offered under its umbrella and acts as an observer for examination boards.

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The German Academy for Public Relations (dapr), one of the oldest and best-known training and further education institutes in the German communications industry, has been a cooperation partner of eLAC from the very beginning. Philip Müller and Thomas Lüdeke from dapr were instrumental in founding eLAC and developing the first programme idea. Today, dapr is the point of contact for those interested in the German Crossmedia Marketing Programme.

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