The eLAC method

Finally, stress-free studies combined with individual support

The fear of classic exam situations, an aversion to group work, in which the coordination of tasks uses up more energy that doing the tasks themselves, the memory of impossible schedules due to mandatory face-to-face studies and a lack of practical relevance  - these are just some of the things that students don't want to face.

Studying with the eLearning Academy (eLAC) means: a pleasant way to deliver with personal feedback, independent of time and place, a resource-conserving study programme without travel times and travel costs, courses with module managers that have close ties to the working world, solid basic knowledge with the advantage of consistent quality, combined with up-to-date cases and the transformation of knowledge into competence.

We sometimes call it the eLAC method and we are constantly improving it to serve our favorite disciplines: communication, marketing, sales and management.