Course contents

The master's programme Cross-media Marketing Communication is structured in three stages.

In level 1 you will complete three modules with general contents from marketing and communication. In this level, you will also find the module Scientific Work and Empirical Social Research. This is a module, in which we introduce you to literature-based and evidence-based work and thus lay a good foundation for the processing of the following module tasks.

In stage 2 we deal with the everyday practice of cross-media marketing communication. This includes working with text, images and video, as well as event communication, integrated communication, public relations and the practical field of marketing communication in general. In the communication campaign and conception module, you have self-chosen telelearning units with a concept trainer to create your own cross-media communication concept. A task, that can also serve you as a presentable workpiece for applications.

In Stage 3, we place a strong focus on the future. We separate image-oriented from sales-oriented marketing communication to bring them together again in a cross-media approach in the trends of marketing communication. Reputation and crisis communication as a high art of communication professionals as well as law and ethics for the communications industry pave the way for you to become a senior consultant.

The seminar for the master thesis is assigned to level 3, because you should usually have already completed some modules to choose a suitable topic. In principle, however, you are free to decide when you want to start the seminar. You start the seminar whenever you have an exposé to present by registering for an online seminar date. According to our motto: Study whenever you want!

You conclude the modules with the elaboration of a modular work. An exception to this is the legal module, which concludes with an online examination. The fourteen elaborations comprise between seven and fifteen pages. Only the communication concept is a somewhat longer elaboration. You can edit all content whenever and wherever you want. In the conception and master thesis modules, you have three online seminar dates each. Also, here you can choose the date and participate from wherever you want. The only requirement is internet access.

In total, fourteen elaborations, a test, a master’s thesis and a master’s examination separate you from your degree.

Photo: Michael Quetting

„I basically study wherever I have the time and desire. In the deck chair, on the airfield, at home on the terrace, even recently in the relaxation room in the sauna. Thanks to the flexibility and the fact that I always have my documents on my mobile phone with me, I can devote myself to working through the modules without any problems as soon as I am able to breathe again.“

Michael Quetting head of laboratory and pilot at the Max Planck Institute, "goose father" and author of books

First learning stage

Module ECTS
Scientific work and empirical social research 4
Marketing basics 4
Basics of communication 2

Second learning stage

Module ECTS
Integrated communication management 2
Practice area marketing communication 2
Event communication 2
Text and visualization 4
Public relations 4
Communication campaign and conception 4

Third learning stage

Module ECTS
Image-oriented marketing communication 4
Sales-oriented marketing communication 4
Current trends in marketing communication 2
Reputation management and crisis communication 2
Law and ethics for the communications industry 4
Seminar for the master`s thesis 2
Master's thesis 14

Total 60