Payment options

After a study slot has been granted and the invoice has been issued, the entire tuition must be transferred. Partial payments are possible after prior agreement with eLAC.

The basic fee for the course is 8,900 euros. The following discount and payment models are available to participants.

1 × EUR 8,722.00 = tuition for immediate payment
(including -2% discount on the basic course fee)

2 × EUR 4,495.00 = tuition for semester-based payment
(including 2% processing fee on the basic course fee)

12 × EUR 786.00 = tuition for payment in 12 monthly instalments
(including 6% processing fee on the basic course fee)

24 × EUR 399.00 = tuition for payment in 24 monthly instalments
(including 8% handling fee on the basic course fee)

The following services are included:

  • Course materials in digital form
  • Unrestricted access to the online campus (central study platform)
  • Access to the online library
  • All exam attempts
  • Supervision of the master's thesis
  • Supervision of conceptual work

The tuition covers 24 months of study (four semesters, thus twice the minimum period of study). Additional costs of 290 euros are incurred for each additional semester. An interruption of studies due to important personal reasons is possible to a limited extent.