Procedures, organisation and learning concept

When can I start my studies? How long does it take to complete the programme? Are there face-to-face units? How do I get my study materials? What can students expect from the online campus?

Assignments and examinations

Are there any deadlines? What happens if an assignment is negative? Can I also take oral exams ?

Organisational issues

Who or what is FH Burgenland? Do I get a student ID card? Is it a completely new course of study? How up-to-date are the contents?

Degree, title and diploma

What is the ECTS? How much and what type of work goes into the master’s thesis? Why does the programme 'only' consist of 60 ECTS points? Is there a graduation ceremony ?

Financial aid, tuition payment

By when do I have to transfer the tuition to the eLAC account? Are there any discounts or special conditions? What does the renewal fee cover? Are there any grants or scholarships available?

Foto: Katharina Schlagenhaufen

"It was especially important to me that I didn't have to leave the job market to do my master's. I was looking for a compact course of study that could be completed quickly and flexibly. In this context, I would also recommend (potential) students to talk to their employer about wanting to invest in continued education."

Katharina Schlagenhaufen commutes between Switzerland and Austria and works for an international pharmaceutical company.