Assignments and examinations

Are there any deadlines?

No! We have no time slots, deadlines or due dates. Just upload your modular work to our online campus, whenever you are finished. It’s that easy! After the upload, the module leaders receive a notification and usually have two weeks for the evaluation and grading. During holidays, we grant the professors up to four weeks reaction time. The maxim of selecting our examination mode is to give you the opportunity to learn even in examination feedback. You will therefore receive detailed feedback on your work.

What happens if a test is negative?

Don't panic! You can take each examination twice by submitting up to two modular tasks if necessary. If this does not work, two further board examinations (oral examinations in front of a board of examiners) are planned.

Can examinations also be taken orally?

Yes! True to our motto of "flexible learning", we also offer "flexible examinations“ and the option to pass modules orally. Please deposit your wish for oral examination at the programme management.