Organisational issues

Who or what is UAS Burgenland?

The University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Burgenland (German: Fachhochschule (FH)  Burgenland)  is an accredited university of applied sciences. Almost 6,500 graduates in good professional positions and a graduate employment rate of about 98% underline the high quality of this university's programmes.

Do I get a student ID card?

Yes, at the beginning of your studies you are also registered as an extraordinary student of the UAS Burgenland; you receive confirmation of enrolment and a student ID.


Is this programme a completely new course of study?

Yes, the programme has been designed based on the findings of developers in Germany and Austria, with a strong focus on market needs. There are similar contents partly in study programmes at other institutions, but there is no identical programme that features this target-oriented package and not in this organisational form. The studies themselves are therefore new, but not the people behind them, who have many years of experience in this segment in Germany and Austria - both in communication practice and in academic teaching.

Our tutors work in relevant scientific fields and apply sound didactic concepts. So, you don't learn alone, we are there for you and focus on personal exchange.

How up to date are the contents?

They are very topical. The course is constantly being further developed and provided with new contents, including current case videos from practitioners, current tasks of the same in the modules, new scientific findings in the scripts and use cases on the pulse of time, as well as current keynotes can be found on the online platform.

Is there an option to purchase the literature, without signing up to the entire study programme?

Unfortunately not. In such a compact study, the contents and their special preparation are a key value. Moreover, the isolated detachment from the context of our learning platform would also reduce the learning success. Since the contents are embedded multimedialy, plus there are self-tests or checkups, online tutorials, etc.