Procedure, study organisation and learning concept

When can I start my studies?

Anytime! Right now, today or on any date of your choice. There are no time restrictions. It usually takes about two weeks from the time you submit your application to the time you are notified about your admission.

How long does it take to study?

That's up to you! The duration of the study depends on your needs and possibilities. The minimum duration of study is two semesters, so particularly fast full-time students can complete their studies within 12 months. You can realistically complete your studies on average in a period between 18 to 24 months, while working.

The course fee includes the study for a total of four semesters respectively 24 months. After that, you may extend your study by a maximum of two more semesters. Thus, you can study for a maximum of 36 months including the completion of the master thesis. A extension fee of EUR 290.00 is payable for each of the fifth and last six semester.

Are there any face-to-face meetings?

No, the course Marketing Communication MA is 100% independent of time and location. Only 6 online seminars must be completed in the desing and master's thesis module. But here, too, you determine the time and place. All you need is internet access to participate in the online seminar. The defense of your master's thesis will be carried out on site at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Burgenland in Eisenstadt or, if you prefer, online, via a secure video conferencing system.

Tip: For the graduation ceremony (in Austrian this is called "Sponsion") you should plan a few days’ vacation and a trip to your university. The atmosphere of the graduation ceremony at Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt is unforgettable!

How do I get my study materials?

It's simple! The central study hub is the learning platform on the internet. Submissions, work instructions, information materials, study material can always be found online. Technically, we work with an adapted version of Moodle, one of the world's most widely-used learning platforms with 88.2 million users in 9.96 million courses worldwide.

The only technical requirement you need for your studies is Internet access on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet browser (e.g. Edge, Firefox, Chrome).

Here is you will find a short introduction video of our learning platform: 

What can students expect from the online campus?

The online campus is the central study and examination platform. It includes

  • Discussion forums
  • e-tutorials
  • Explain, case and learning videos
  • Access to scripts
  • Short tests for self-checks regarding your knowledge growth
  • Case studies
  • Best- and worst-case examples from practice

What does the typical module structure look like?

Structured, varied texts, which you can either print or work through on screen, form the backbone of each module. The module instructors will introduce you to the topic in a video. They offer an overview of the module contents, the course of a module or expert opinions. Case studies will also be presented as videos within the modules, providing in-depth information and transfer into practice.

The modules are always practice- and application-oriented. In your script, you will find links to company pages (best- or worst-case studies) but also links to YouTube, statistics, associations and the like. This makes it easier for you to put theory into practice immediately - and you can use your knowledge directly for your daily work.

For particularly central topics, there are tips for further reading. Self-checks, interactive tasks and module tasks to be completed round off each module.

From the very beginning, you will also be prepared for writing the master’s thesis and you will be accompanied step by step in a seminar that teaches you to write - from the exposé to the finished work.

What is the target audience of the programme Marketing Communication? (Field of activity and qualification)

Our programmes are particularly designed for those who are highly motivated but have little time. In terms of content, the course offers a broad, comprehensive approach to the topic of marketing communication. Graduates of the programme are able to apply the whole range of marketing communication in a professional manner. Combined with professional experience, the graduates are enabled to attain management positions. In line with the company's objectives, you will accurately control marketing communication from PR to advertising - whether it be in companies, organisations or agencies. Through integrated communication, they ensure a uniform communicative external image that is image-oriented on the one hand and sales-oriented on the other hand. In the almost Babylonian language confusion about terms, such as public relations, communication management, marketing and much more, the Master of Arts (MA) also offers you a comprehensive and connectable degree for a professional practice.

How are students supervised during distance learning?

Throughout your studies, a competent team made up of the head of the programme and the module managers will be at your side, . We support you with content issues and organisational questions. We motivate you and look after you in the best possible way from the beginning to your graduation.

What is the language of instruction?

The core texts and materials for the module are completely in the language you selected. Further specialist articles and videos are also available in English in individual cases in the German programme. You should be able to read and understand English, even if you opt for the German programme.

You can submit your Master’s thesis either in German or English. Any work turned in should be in correct German or English language. We recommend language skills at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, although C1 is strongly recommended.